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Evolution™ 4 - 11 kW
Evolution™ 4 - 11 kW

Evolution™ rotary screw air compressors are designed to provide ease of operation, low maintenance and reliable air supply. When you choose Evolution™, you have selected the compressor rated highly for its performance and reliability.


Value for Money: Designed with advanced technology to produce more volume of air, makes it a cost effective solution.

Advanced Cooling: Optimally designed blower reduces power cost by eliminating the need for extra fan motor and provides efficient cooling in 46°C ambient environment.

One Stop Solution: Complete solution for compressor and accessories including air receivers, air dryers and air filters.

Dual-Control Operation: Reliable and effective load/no-load control with automatic stop and restart facility for maximum flexibility.

Ease of Serviceability: All key maintenance components have been grouped to provide ease of serviceability.

Rotary Technology: Installed with progressive rotary technology which delivers more CFM/kW and provides higher efficiency than reciprocating compressors.

Power Saving Control: Automatic stop and restart facility for maximum flexibility in operating machine.

Quiet Operation: Integrated construction with less number of fasteners benefits you to reduce noise in workshop.

Efficient Inlet Filter: Efficient inlet air filter to ensure compressed air does not carry more than 3 micron particles. This helps to increase dust holding capacity as well as filter life.

Quick service support: We offer a wide network of certified and well trained technicians and engineers capable of supporting you with cost effective service solutions to keep your compressed air system at peak performance.